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An artist’s life bustles along always filled with new adventures and projects. This part of the site is designed to let you know what I’m up to now. I will update regularly, so come back and visit. You can also now follow me on Instagram #goodabi


IMG_1343 IMG_1344

I got to enjoy Halloween in my home state Ohio this year. I chose to conquer the ever elusive Godzilla costume. Pictured here is the head piece made of foam and cardboard. The jack-o-lantern  shows the distortion of decomposition after carving which can make some great effects.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

I am working at THE LAND/anArtsite in Mountain Air, New Mexico. My previous Earthworks have been make using casting processes. For Migration,  I am sculpting each figure individually by hand. First the soil is sifted to remove stones. The soil is then mixed with water and grass to make a thick paste similar to adobe. I then add layers to each sculpture adding sticks for strength and height. Each sculpture is life sized. They are designed to disintegrate in the weather and return to their environment. Rain is the most effective additive to complete the disintegration process.

Wandering the southwest has revealed many discoveries. The  U.S. National Park system has preserved a variety of magical places. My most favorite has been the Petrified Forest in Arizona. This cite truly speaks to how dramatically land changes over time. Soft woods turn into stone, mountains are created and carved away by water. A plush wetlands transform into a colorful desert. This place has been the most profound in my travels thus far. I felt like I was standing inside a Dali painting.


I have started my four month road trip across the United States. Currently, I am visiting central New Mexico, preparing for a land art residency at The LAND/An Artsite. I will come back again in September to continue my work, concluding with an exhibition on Oct. 8.

MARCH 2015

This month I spent a week on the island of Kauai. I took this opportunity to develop the Oblivion Tube body of work/performance. If you are not familiar, Kauai is an island rich with geological imagery. It shows the earth in motion through lava rock, soil erosion, sawtooth cliffs, and the iconic Waimea Canyon. Much like the U.S. grand canyon, Waimea canyon was carved out from water passing over the land and carrying bits of rock and soil with it, little bits at a time. The results are breathtaking.

View from Oblivion Tube, Waimea Canyon.

View from Oblivion Tube


Original view of Waimea Canyon.


Happy New Year! I’d like to start the new year by sharing my gratitude for everyone who has been following, encouraging and visiting me and my work/website. Your support is much appreciated. I enjoy and encourage your comments, positive or critical.

Most recently, I have had the privilege of working with Hawaii artist Andy Graydon. Mr. Graydon developed and directed the performance piece Garden Paths at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Five performers, myself included, performed in separate courtyards at the Honolulu Museum of Art reciting spoken word poetry written by the artist. The poems were written to objects in the museum’s collection however the pieces were never seen by either the performers nor the audience.  The poems were fed to the performers via ipod devices with the artist’s voice. The performers echoed the words over a thirty minute period. Performing Garden Paths reminded me of the Boomerang piece performed by Nancy Holt and Richard Serra(1972?), whereas Nancy Holt spoke into a microphone while hearing her own voice echoed a split second after she had spoken. She became disoriented and slowed. You can find it on youtube. In Garden Paths the performance came from the echo-er not the originator. This was an interesting and unique experience and I feel fortunate to have been able to contribute to the event.


I just finished up a residency at the Honolulu Museum of Art. It was a collaboration with museum visitors where we made a group of face jugs. Face jugs are a tradition of the Appalachian region starting in the Catawba Valley, South Carolina. The potters of Catawba appropriated the face jug practice from incoming African slaves  in the 1800’s. I decided to share it with Honolulu. I met a lot of people and had a great time. Mahalo Honolulu!


Already this month has been very busy for me. I had the honor of chairing the Hawaii Craftsmen Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition. This year the event was especially challenging to organize. Regardless, the show is a success and I encourage all in the neighborhood to stop by. Below is the piece I have been working on for the last few months that was selected by this year’s juror.


I have been working with creative educators Bryan Welch, Hadley Nunes, and Chiho Ushio for the Present Project in Kaka’ako. Working with twenty students ages 6-14 we constructed a massive bamboo structure over four weeks. Students also got to collaborate with international artists in residence: Swoon, Dinorah DeJesus Rodriguez, Sally Lundberg and Keith Tallet,  and Florence Carbonne. Young people cease to amaze me.

JUNE 2014

I’ve decided to explore some of my plant forms in bronze. I have missed wax working and will be dedicating more time to it over the summer. Below is a multiple section piece still attached to the metal sprue system.


I am happy to announce Idle Dilemma, my MFA thesis exhibition, has been installed and is being viewed in the main gallery at UH. The last six months I’ve been working feverishly to get to this moment. Thanks to everyone for your help and support.P1040627

My MFA thesis exhibition will be opening in January and I am focused on finishing up a series of large sculptures. MORE


I’m currently working on my MFA thesis exhibition. It will include multiple, larger than life figures.  I am experimenting with cement as a casting medium.  Progress, as an ideology, was once used as a motivator to use resources, develop land, and allow chemistry into our daily lives. We are nearing the hundred year mark of the time “Progress” was instilled in American culture. My thesis work examines how we as a whole have embraced the ideology and how our world has changed(or not) with the ideology in mind.

JULY 2013

I had a lovely experience at Anderson Ranch. I studied the physical presence of memories. I had a chance to experiment with life casting and found objects. I met many new friends and mentors. Much thanks to Professor Robin Hill for leading the workshop.





MAY 2013

I just got back from the Hawaii Craftsmen Raku on the beach festival “Raku Ho’olau’lea”. Here I fired the first set of pieces that are in the direction of my thesis exhibition: “Protesting Progress; Honolulu’s Train to Nowhere”. I’m not sure that will be the final title but its probably close. Those one word titles are too trendy and remind me of the popular rave dance clubs from the late 90’s. Like “Flame” or “Bounce”.  Pictures and action shots coming soon(of art not raves).


My 8′ x 4′ print finally was finished by using a fork lift as the press. The results made it into the Fiber Hawaii Show and are shown below. Thanks for all of the encouragement to get reprinted.

I finally developed a title for “Babies”: “Unfettered Optimism”. This version is also in the Fiber Hawaii Show.


This month I  spent much of my time organizing the statewide juried exhibition. There were many battles and I learned quite a bit about the ways of the island.


Formed Copper

all images are a copyrite of abi good

all images are a copyrite of abi good

I am working on this piece to enter into an upcoming juried exhibition. It’s related to the Biomorphic series I made a few years ago. Copper-smithing requires a lot of time, special tools, and of course torches.  I’ve been investigating new techniques in forming large scale, non-ferrous metals. This will appear in the gallery in the next months.

all images are a copyrite of abi good

all images are a copyrite of abi good

all images are a copyrite of abi good

all images are a copyrite of abi goodall images are a copyrite of abi good

Between Us , 4′ x 8′

all images are a copyrite of abi good

I’ve been invited by friend and local printmaker Sergio Garzon to join him in his quest for large scale printing. Each artist in the event carves a wood block, in this case a 4′ x 8′ piece of plywood, to print with a steamroller. Unfortunately I will not be present to drive the roller, although its a dream of mine. I will be back in Cleveland visiting family and researching future opportunities.

allall images are a copyrite of abi good

all images are a copyrite of abi good

all images are a copyrite of abi goodall images are a copyrite of abi goodall images are a copyrite of a

all images are a copyrite of abi goodall images are a copyrite of abi goodbi good images are a copyrite of abi good

studio action shot

 a copyrof abi goodall images are a cll images are a copyrite of abi g

I maintain my argument that all studios should have wheeled contraptions to wreak havoc with. If   you break some art, well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be, but it sure was fun. Here I am learning what the whipper-snappers call s-k-a-t-e-b-o-a-r-d-i-n-g.  Side note, if you plan on taking action shots, try to make sure your John’s aren’t in view, it defeats the purpose of looking cool.

a copyrite of abi goodall images are a copyrite of abi good

  a copyrite of abi goodall images are a copyrite of abi good

illustrations, no pencil necessary

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  1. Jerry Vasconcellos

    so focused and desirous of not the end as celebrity awesome artist but the search and the curious milestones along the way. Your work is something I strongly relate to and enjoy and your pursuit so wonderfully orientated toward the fun and pleasure to be had In the process.
    When we are doing what we want to be doing, we are happy and we do it WELL. You got it girl and it’s gonna take you on an amazing ride. Hang on and love the ride. Celebrate your youth! Sustain it!


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